NSF/IARPA/NSA Workshop on the
Science of Security
The Claremont Resort, Berkeley CA
Monday, 17 November - Tuesday, 18 November 2008

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The participants in the workshop include including leaders in the computer security research community, as well as relevant researchers from other disciplines such as physics, mathematics, and economics.

David Bray, Institute for Defense Analyses
Fred Chang, University of Texas/NSA
Byron Cook, Microsoft Research Cambridge/Cambridge University
Son Dao, HRL Laboratories
Anupam Datta, Carnegie Mellon University
John Doyle, California Institute of Technology
Anthony Ephremides, University of Maryland
David Evans (organizer), University of Virginia
Manfai Fong, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
Stephanie Forrest, University of New Mexico
John Frink, ODUSD, Office of Associate Director for Information Assurance
Joshua Guttman, MITRE
Robert Herklotz, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Alfred Hero, Uninversity of Michigan
Sampath Kannan, National Science Foundation
Steven King, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
Carl Landwehr, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
Greg Larsen, Institute for Defense Analyses
Karl Levitt (organizer), National Science Foundation
Brad Martin (organizer), National Security Agency
John Mallery, MIT CSAIL
Roy Maxion, Carnegie Mellon University
Robert Meushaw, National Security Agency
John Mitchell, Stanford
Pierre Moulin, University of Illinois
Timothy Murphy, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
Dusko Pavlovic, Kestrel Institute/Oxford University
Nick Petroni, Institute for Defense Analyses Center for Computing Sciences
Lisa Porter, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
Michael Reiter, University of North Carolina
Phillip Rogaway, University of California, Davis
John Rushby, SRI
Stuart Russell, University of California, Berkeley
Fred Schneider, Cornell University
Jim Silk (organizer), Institute for Defense Analyses
Dawn Song, University of California, Berkeley
Pieter Swart, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Vicraj Thomas, BBN Technologies/GENI Project Office
Hal Varian, University of California, Berkeley/Google
Cliff Wang, Army Research Office
Rebecca Wright, Rutgers University
Shouhuai Xu, University of Texas at San Antonio
Ty Znati, National Science Foundation
Lenore Zuck, National Science Foundation